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We are a local agency and you will not find five thousand profiles in our database. But small is not bad, we think it is our advantage because that is why we appreciate every client that we have and give him or her as much attention as possible. For us dating marriage service does not only include translating and forwarding letters, arranging meeting and delivering gifts, it is professional advising, help, assistance and personal answers to questions.


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The most beautiful ladies

Our site of the international marriage agency offers to familiarize with the profiles of our clients. Almost all the ladies live in Kiev, some are from the other cities nearby.
There are hearts below each photo in the catalog. Three means that the woman has provided all the documents that certify her identity. Four tells that we met her personally, we talked and maintained constant contact. We check carefully all the documents of our clients, so we can guarantee the authenticity of the information indicated on the site regarding age, place of residence and marital status. We regularly update profiles to provide up-to-date data. Some of them are removed, as ladies find their life partner, marry or move to another country. The photos posted on the site are made by professional photographers, which indicates that in reality the women look the same.

Seek for destiny

All the ladies on our site are looking for a man who in the future will become their husband, and they will be able to create a strong and happy family. It must be a person who will be their kindred soul. The place of residence in this case does not matter, all of them are ready to move to another country. I don't know what to do with the idea that I don't know what to do. As practice shows, dating in our agency ends with a marriage between two halves, who finally found each other.
Among all ladies, there are those who, in principle, dream of marrying only a foreigner in life, and do not consider the husbands of the inhabitants of their country. In addition, among all girls there are those who already have a child. They believe that they will meet a man who will take care not only of her, but also become a real father.
We advise women not to talk immediately about how wonderful and talented the child is, to show his photos and to talk only about him. It is important to communicate, tell about yourself, know better one another, feel and understand whether there is the most binding chain between you that connects your hearts.
Only when relationships are built and there is understanding of each other, you can bring and the child into your life. It should be understood that to take a foreign woman to another country requires a lot of formalities, but with a child - this is even more difficult. Many permissions and approvals must be obtained. However, when there are two related souls who are in love with each other and want to live together their life, the rest for them does not matter, they are ready to go together through all the obstacles on the way to their happiness.

The future wife from Ukraine is great!

It is not without a reason said that the Ukrainian women are the best wives. Our ladies are endowed with a special talent in cooking, and also know how to satisfy all the desires of a man. They came to the marriage agency with one goal - to find their second half, to meet a man who is shrouded with their care and warmth. Every woman is ready to marry and create a strong full-fledged family. Everyone has an attractive appearance, intelligence and features of character that will attract specifically you.
In the catalog there is a large choice of ladies, you can contact us, and we will pick for you the ideal mate, or choose by filtering up to your preferences. Photos, detailed profile information is just the tip of the iceberg. You will learn more about the person as soon as you want to get acquainted. Perhaps, among all beautiful women on our site, there is exactly your half, sent to you by fate. Don't miss your chance to become a happy husband today.

Services and prices

  • 5 introductions
  • $350
  • economy 150$
  • 10 introductions
  • $500
  • economy 300$
  • UNLIMITED introductions
  • $1000
  • for 2 months

On-site interpreting

  • 5 hours
  • $90
  • economy 10$
  • 10 hours
  • $150
  • economy 50$
  • 1 hour
  • $20
  • hourly payment