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Why do Ukrainian women seek marriage abroad?

Why do Ukrainian women seek marriage abroad?

Ukraine lies in the very heart of Europe and it has always been a connection between the East and the West. Many wars were fought on the territory of this country, many historical evens happened here. The neighboring countries have always wanted to conquer this rich land with a very suitable climate, rivers, forests, lakes and beautiful people. So for many centuries Ukraine had been torn apart by wars and battles. Sometimes it was not even considered a country, even though Ukraine has always had its own language and culture. But because of the people who have always dreamed of the free and independent Ukraine, the country was able to become independent finally.

   Historically it happened so, that Ukrainian women have always played a role of maintainer of the house while men were fighting the war and deciding political issues. But while men were gone, women had to take care not only of the house and family but also of the industry. During the WWII our women were working at the factories while our men were fighting.

   The communist era made women completely equal to men. They were working as builders, engineers, doctors, architects and the feminine side was completely forgotten. After the break down of the Soviet Union, women were able to receive their feminity back along with new democratic rights. Instead, men received a depression because the economy of Ukraine was in deep crisis, and earning money for a normal life was not possible. So many men became very depressed and the situation with alcoholism got worse.

   Not depending on men, Ukrainian women started creating the new life, receiving education, bringing up children. And when you see a normal Ukrainian girl, you will be surprised because she is usually educated, intelligent, family-oriented and beautiful. This is how our mothers brought us up and that is how we follow the tradition.

   But why such beautiful, sometimes very successful and definitely intelligent lady looks for a husband abroad?

   There are several answers to this question:

  1. First of all, she just wants to find her true love and she does not care where he lives. She just wants to find her second half. Maybe she is romantic and believes that her soul mate can be anywhere in the world.
  2. She has had some bad experiences with Ukrainian men in the past (non serious attitude, alcoholism, etc.). There are intelligent, kind, devoted and serious men in Ukraine too, but statistics say that there are less men than women in Ukraine. And maybe she just was not lucky to meet the right one…so she became disappointed.
  3. She is ready to be married and she is at the point in her life, when she really wants children and a family life. Unserious relations are not for her, she is looking for a man who has the same goals in life. The easiest way to find such man is turning to the agency.
  4. She just wants to meet a person with another mentality, from another country because she wants to always learn from the one she is with and she wants to teach him something too. She wants their family life to be an adventure, a never ending romance.


   These were just few of the many reasons why women turn to the agency in order to find a husband.

   Note: Wrong thoughts of men:

  1. Men in Ukraine are horrible and do not know how to treat a woman.
  2. A lady just wants to move to another country and she does not care where to live or with whom (there are only few ladies with such intentions but the agency always tries to eliminate them).
  3. The situation in Ukraine is so bad that the lady sees no other way than to find a husband abroad.


   So it is up to you to decide why women in Ukraine are beautiful, intelligent, successful and looking for a husband abroad. But the best way to find it out is to ask the lady herself.