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  In the heart of Europe there is country that has long been under the "iron curtain", a land of spectacular nature, rich soils, urban cities, green forests and welcoming, open-minded and light-hearted people. The biggest pride of Ukraine is of course extremely beautiful ladies. But many people have never heard about it.

  Ukraine is one of the largest but one of the least-known countries within Europe.

  Here are some interesting facts about Ukraine that will broaden your horizons:

  1. The population of Ukraine: around 48 million people.
  2. Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. The area is 603,700 (2333,089 sq. miles). It borders Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Moldova and Russia. It is washed by the Black Sea and Azov Sea in the South. Mountains are situated in the South (Crimean Mountains) and in the East (Carpathians).
  3. Capital and the largest city: Kiev. The city of 200 churches and golden domes, diverse architecture, and vibrant and vivid way of life.
  4. Declared independence: August 24th, 1991.
  5. Currency: Hryvnya.
  6. Ukraine has 71 thousand of rivers and streams and the total length of 248 thousand kilometers.
  7. Because of the rich soil and suitable weather conditions, Ukraine used to be the "breadbasket" of the former USSR and still remains one of the countries with the biggest export of grains.
  8. A society with old values and newly formed democracy. The new century brought a lot of innovations to the Ukrainian society, such as democratic movements and new modern ways of thinking but the old family values remain.
  9. A famous medieval Slavic civilization Kiev Rus was formed on the territory of Ukraine since 9th century.
  10. Ukraine has its own food culture but also there are many restaurants in Ukraine which present the cuisine of different countries.
  11. Ukraine produces its own wine and the wine traditions have a great history.
  12. Ukrainians are proud of their traditions, arts and folk dances because of their lively and artistic nature.
  13. And you just got to hear beautiful Ukrainian language! :)