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We are a local agency and you will not find five thousand profiles in our database. But small is not bad, we think it is our advantage because that is why we appreciate every client that we have and give him or her as much attention as possible. For us dating marriage service does not only include translating and forwarding letters, arranging meeting and delivering gifts, it is professional advising, help, assistance and personal answers to questions.


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The ideal partner – should you seek a such person?

What is the difference between a man and a woman when viewed from a relationship perspective? Women are more emotional; they are able to take everything close to the heart. Men, even if they are, try not to expose their feelings and emotions to flaunting. Based on this, ladies choose a partner, already drawing in advance a picture of their ideal in the head.

Dreaming is one thing, but it is difficult to find such a suitable one. It is possible to spend years in search of your own man. Sometimes it is worth it, but in most cases it is simply wasted time. Not every man will open immediately before his chosen lady. Often unpleasant surprises show later, when there is a stamp in the passport and children.

What is a better way to make the smartest choices?

For starters, it should be understood that there are no ideals. Each person has disadvantages that should not discourage him from choosing him as a partner. If you want your soulmate to spend all his time with you, while giving expensive gifts, you should understand that it is almost impossible.

idealNow what about appearance. By this criterion the selection is extremely foolish. The appearance does not affect the relationship at all. It is said: “We don’t drink water from the face”. And, indeed, the beauty of a partner can play a bad joke with you. A good-looking man is paid attention by single women. And if at the beginning of the relationship you like this fact, then after the marriage everything will be the opposite. You will not know where to go from jealousy. Therefore, appearance, namely beauty, should not be a key moment when choosing a partner.

If you put a barrier in your mind: Ideal / not an ideal, you urgently need to get rid of it. Separate your violent imagination from reality. This does not mean that things are so bad in the present, not at all. Agree that you also have your own shortcomings. And if you are also "filtered" because you do not fall into someone's borders, then there will be only singles around.

Only imagine “your” person as clearly as possible. Think about his character traits, attitude to other people. As it should be, only without "bright colors" and a fairy-tale exaggeration. The clearer and more real you will represent your chosen person; the more chances you will meet him.

If you are given signs of attention by a good man, and you continue to search for phantom shortcomings from him, stop doing this - you will necessarily find them. Over the years, the chances of meeting a partner that will suit you are melting very quickly.

And on the contrary, it is not out of pity to accept a person who is not at all yours. Gentle heart will not bring happiness, and such relationships will not last long.

When choosing a partner, be guided by your heart and soul. It is necessary to listen to what other people are talking about, but to believe in all the said it is necessary only to make sure that they are correct.
When people love each other, their shortcomings automatically turn into advantages, or simply do not notice. Experienced specialists from the marriage agency "MissaUA" can help in search, choice, acquaintance, establishment of relations with the future elected.

Services and prices

  • 5 introductions
  • $350
  • economy 150$
  • 10 introductions
  • $500
  • economy 300$
  • UNLIMITED introductions
  • $1000
  • for 2 months

On-site interpreting

  • 5 hours
  • $90
  • economy 10$
  • 10 hours
  • $150
  • economy 50$
  • 1 hour
  • $20
  • hourly payment