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Romantic Tour to Kiev

Romantic Tour to Kiev

A romantic tour of Kiev, the capital of the second largest country in Europe is worth every penny. Are you searching for a life partner and you also want to see this beautiful city? If so, then we can offer you a lifetime worth of memories.

As a dating agency in Kiev, we can help you to both find a suitable date and a possible life partner and arrange a complete romantic tour package. Ukraine shares its borders with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary in the west, Romania and Moldova in the South West, Russia in the East and Belarus in the North. A romantic tour to this land, touched by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov is also a strategic point lying at a crossroad between Asia and Europe. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and offers more than just buildings and scenic landscapes.

We can make your romantic tour to Kiev memorable through the various services we offer, such as:

  1. Managing your entire trip
  2. Translating services
  3. Airport & Train transfers, driver's services
  4. Accommodation
  5. Introduction session with the Ukrainian women you have selected
  6. City tour


Ukrainian women are known to be one of the best brides in the world. We offer you a nice and pleasant opportunity to understand them and their traditions. The best way to know a woman is to look into the heart and Ukrainian Women are extremely warm at heart. Hence, we have this special Romantic tour to Kiev that will help you to know more about your future love. You can choose the ladies you like or want to meet from our website and we will arrange meetings with them.

We also offer various categories of Romantic tour to Kiev with different prices depending on the quantity of included services and accommodation. You can also choose the type of apartment you'd like. Since you will have a translator with you, who knows the city very well, they will also guide you to nice eat out restaurants and fun & entertainment parks and places.

You can take a romantic walk, holding the hand of your Ukrainian date by the banks of the Dnepr River or through the ancient streets or you can have a nice quiet evening at Vladimirskaya Gorka Park. It is a cozy place with old pavilions that offer picturesque views of the left bank of Dnepr. A romantic tour to Kiev will definitely light the flame of love in your heart!

The bottom line is that - you are here to enjoy and know your future soul-mate and we are here to make sure that you get both.