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We are a local agency and you will not find five thousand profiles in our database. But small is not bad, we think it is our advantage because that is why we appreciate every client that we have and give him or her as much attention as possible. For us dating marriage service does not only include translating and forwarding letters, arranging meeting and delivering gifts, it is professional advising, help, assistance and personal answers to questions.


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How to find a common language with a man

Often, the words spoken by a man and a woman hide a different meaning. Psychologists explain this phenomenon by different upbringing, while others say that they have dominant developed different parts of the brain. For example, most men have a greater development of the "logical" hemisphere of the brain - the left, and most women have an "intuitive" right hemisphere.

common languageBut, in any case, difficulties of understanding arise even among loving couples and this can lead to problems. How does this happen? That's simple. For example, he said something, and she understood it differently. There was an offense and she did not say about it and, in the meantime, he found the charges unfair. And the quarrel started.

What should be done to ensure that such situations do not arise?? Never forget about perception and reactions.

A typical reaction to the husband’s actions are the words: "You are constantly doing this!". The hidden sense of these words can be that the husband does not fulfill his promises or spends all the time with friends, prefers to stay at work, make decisions independently, in other words, does not appreciate his wife, does not pay attention and so on. A man’s own typical response to this claim is “It’s a nonsense.” After all, a while ago he went grocery shopping, last week he came home earlier, not to mention that this month he had to sit all evening in the society of relatives. How to act in such a situation: You know that you want to solve the problem, but not to make a scandal. In that case, there is no need to inflate a small problem to the scale of the disaster. Think about this situation and clearly list what you are not happy with what you would like to change. The wrong way will be to remember all the misdeeds of the spouse, committed for a long time. Men are prone to silent thinking about information, they "digest" the problem within themselves, but women do it during the discussion.And this is often a common cause of quarrels. For example, a man comes from work and thinks without words, he just does not have to communicate. Women are silent for a long time if they are severely offended. Seeing a spouse, she tries the situation on herself and thinks that the husband is dissatisfied. And usually she decides that this dissatisfaction caused by her. So he simply ignores her. And it seems to her that she isn’t good enough for him. One conjecture, another, and they grow into new doubts.

How to act in this situation?

First, it is necessary to stop the stormy imagination, with such thoughts not far from thinking anything global and catastrophic. Ask him gently, if he has any problems or need help? If the answer is negative, leave him for a while, let him think. When the situation changes and he is open to communication, you can discuss everything. Try to find common points of contact. Think of what he is interested in. He may not discuss anything with you because he thinks you can't understand it. Maybe you need to try to understand better his work. Read technical information. Check it online. And maybe he is an athlete and is thinking about his future activities and training. Then it is useful to learn more about it. Find something common and communication will be easier. You will be closer to each other.
MissUA International Marriage Agency offers you a search for a man of your dreams all over the world. Your future mate can differ significantly from you by education, habits, customs, style of thinking, religious affiliation and so on. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to communicate with him. Naturally, before acquaintance it is appropriate to learn everything possible about the country of residence of your future mate. And in the process of communication to find out the specific features of his character. In any difficult case, use the principle "treat people as you want them to treat you".

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