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We are a local agency and you will not find five thousand profiles in our database. But small is not bad, we think it is our advantage because that is why we appreciate every client that we have and give him or her as much attention as possible. For us dating marriage service does not only include translating and forwarding letters, arranging meeting and delivering gifts, it is professional advising, help, assistance and personal answers to questions.


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Acquaintance with a man first steps

Even a confident modern girl, sometimes does not dare to show the first initiative to get acquainted with a man. She doesn't have to kick herself, even if she used to take part at performances in front of a large audience, the lack of complexes and shyness. To take the first step in getting acquainted with the representative of the opposite sex is akin to a feat. On the one hand, his reaction is frightening, and on the other - the fear of leaving behind an unflattering opinion.

Eyes meet

m wIt is not necessary to turn back, perhaps there will be a harmonious relationship with the prospect of a happy family. If you do not decide to make a step forward, you can regret about it.

If the subject is in the field of view, try to meet with her eyes. When a man sympathizes with a lady, he unconsciously looks in her/his direction. This is a sign that you need to get acquainted. Strong guys are not alien to doubt and indecision, and at times are afraid to appear ridiculous. Of course, you can postpone the first meeting, but remember that another chance may not fall out.

However, there are factors with which it’s better to cancel the project. If the man has a heart lady, a spouse, subsequent troubles are superfluous.

To ask for help

If the guy of interest is not familiar, you need to know him. For example, to ask for help. Take a photo of you on a beautiful background or ask to tell you how to get to the nearest park. Look at the situation and location. The joke about searching for a library is not so naive now, show yourself like a reading and erudite personality. When you ask for the pen, write your phone number on a piece of paper, if he is not against the phone call. Decide and ask for his phone number, and text for the first time.

If you know this person, it's time to know him closer. Make a call, let common friends support and arrange a meeting. During communication, show interest to the person, add a little flirt and a smile. Men quickly notice such signals, and if there is no reason to refuse - go to contact.

Find common interests

During the dialog it is important to find common hobbies. Perhaps he attends to the gym, which you want to attend, and maybe he is a fan of movies, to whom you can tell about a premiere you watched yesterday with friends. Does he like cycling? Then it is time for you to get from the balcony your dusty bicycle. Cycling through the forest will give health and a good mood. Offer active leisure, and if a person supports the idea - you are not indifferent and on the right path.
The main thing is not to lose self-confidence. At an undesirable final, there will be cases of becoming to someone the most important person.

Services and prices

  • 5 introductions
  • $350
  • economy 150$
  • 10 introductions
  • $500
  • economy 300$
  • UNLIMITED introductions
  • $1000
  • for 2 months

On-site interpreting

  • 5 hours
  • $90
  • economy 10$
  • 10 hours
  • $150
  • economy 50$
  • 1 hour
  • $20
  • hourly payment