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5 signs that you unconsciously push your partner away

Is it possible to push your partner completely unconsciously away? The answer is yes, and this is behavior that may shed light on unexpected moments or third person involvement in a relationship.

5 signsLove relationship between two people is a complicated thing. Each couple is different, but their feelings and behavior are very similar. As the dynamics of relationships change constantly at different stages, it is sometimes difficult to detect your wrong behavior.
And the truth is that there are no sinless people, and you can unconsciously push your partner away, even if you love him or her.

1. Avoid commenting problematic topics

It may seem advisable to end the conversation or not to start it if you know that the topic might lead to a conflict. However, if this happens frequently, your partner may feel isolated and decide that you do not want to communicate. To solve the problem, you need not run away from it, but vice versa.

2. You expect your partner to read your thoughts

Even if you are close to your loved one, it does not mean that you can understand each other without words. So don't expect your partner to know what caused your actions or words. When you don't like something, say it openly, otherwise your unexplained behavior may push the partner away.

3. You get angry very often

If you are often angry and do not want to communicate with your partner for a long time, then certainly there is a problem. Such behavior will not be good for you or your loved one. Try not to pay attention and not to be angry at the little things, because at some point it starts to press on you both. If your partner gives you frequent and truly justified reasons for the scandal, you are better off putting an end to the agony and getting out of this relationship faster.

4. You think everything is out there for you to have

People who consider themselves to be the center of the universe do not love others much. In a healthy way, everything must be balanced. Therefore, do not always put yourself, your needs and desires first, because with such behavior you can unconsciously push your half. But no one wants to feel insignificant.

5. You avoid physical and/or emotional intimacy

Physical and emotional proximity is extremely important for two people to be happy together. If you do not intentionally or for a long time show any proximity to your partner, it may be the reason that he or she will be distancing from you.

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